NY Auto Show

  • Location

    New York, NY

  • Tools

    GA4, Pantheon, PHP, WordPress Development

  • Client

    Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association

01. The Challenge

NYIAS sought
a brand refresh to
authentically mirror
their evolving business
values and resonate with a younger

Crafting an Engaging Online Experience:
We aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly online space that resonated with our diverse audience.

Ensuring ADA Compliance:
Our challenge was to seamlessly integrate ADA compliance into our digital platforms, making them universally inclusive.

Prioritizing Web Security:
Building a secure online environment for NYIAS attendees was a priority, involving implementing top-notch security measures and conducting regular audits.

Achieving Impressive Growth Metrics:
The goal was ambitious: achieve substantial growth metrics and increase visitors from 300,000 to one million.

Learning and Planning for the Future:
Reflecting on the challenges we faced, we aimed to extract valuable lessons that would guide us in future endeavors.

03. The Goal

Tech & Brand

Our objectives of this project were to enhance the online experience for the NY International Auto Show attendees, ensuring inclusivity through ADA compliance.


Additionally, the goals included implementing robust web security protocols to create a safe digital space, executing strategic digital marketing campaigns for broader audience reach, achieving significant growth metrics, and conducting a comprehensive reflection to derive insights for future improvements.

Primary Color

Ferrari Red


Primary Color



Primary Color



04. The Results

Crafting an Engaging
Online Experience:

Leveraging cutting-edge web development technologies, including Pantheon as the hosting platform and PHP for dynamic content, we prioritized a user-centric design approach. This strategic implementation resulted in an immersive and customized digital platform, meticulously tailored to enhance user interaction and satisfaction.

Ensuring ADA Compliance:
Adhering to WCAG 2.1 standards, we integrated meticulous design considerations into our custom WordPress site hosted on Pantheon. Rigorous testing, including the use of automated tools like Axe, was conducted to ensure our platforms were universally accessible. Through PHP scripting, we optimized the site for screen readers and keyboard navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users with diverse abilities.

Prioritizing Web Security:
Implementing industry-standard security measures, such as TLS encryption for data transmission and secure HTTP headers, our approach involved leveraging Pantheon’s robust security features. We employed encryption protocols and conducted regular security audits using tools like OWASP ZAP to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Proactive strategies, including continuous monitoring and prompt application of security patches, were employed to maintain a secure digital space.

Achieving Impressive Growth Metrics:
Harnessing the power of data analytics tools integrated into our custom WordPress site, we achieved impressive growth metrics. The implementation of PHP scripting facilitated dynamic content updates, resulting in increased audience engagement. The strategic fusion of Pantheon’s scalable infrastructure and PHP’s versatility contributed to a significant surge in visitors, showcasing the efficacy of our implemented strategies.

Learning and Planning for the Future:
Through a comprehensive reflection process, we utilized tools like Google Analytics and user feedback analysis to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and valuable lessons learned. This data-driven approach formed the foundation for our commitment to excellence in future projects, guiding our strategic planning and implementation.